Cleaning Out Your Home? Three Items You Should Consider Donating And Three Items You Should Consider Tossing

Spring is just around the corner, and in a short period of time, many people will begin the process of spring cleaning their homes. As more and more people are aware of the impact they have on the environment, people are making a more conscious effort to sell or donate household goods that they no longer need before they dispose of them, causing these items to end up in a landfill. However, some items are simply better off being tossed, and with the help of a waste removal service, disposing of these items is easy. Here is a list of items that you should consider donating and a list of items that you should consider tossing:

Donate: Old Appliances

If you have an old appliance that is not working, you may be quick to discard it. However, many old appliances can be inexpensively repaired. And even if it cannot be repaired, it can be recycled for its metal content. 

Toss: Used Mattresses

Donation centers do not accept used mattresses. This is because used mattresses are not sanitary and run the risk of having bed bugs. Dispose of old mattresses and box springs. 

Donate: Unwanted Computer Equipment 

Your computer equipment may seem dated to you. However, a lot of unwanted computer equipment can be updated and repaired. There are many foundations out there that accept unwanted computer equipment that can then be upgraded and donated to children, kids and non-profit organizations in need. 

Toss: Stuffed Animals

Just like mattresses, stuffed animals that are used should be tossed or disposed of. It is costly and time-consuming to sanitize stuffed animals, so many donation centers do not accept them. 

Donate: Books

If you have children books that your kids have outgrown or books that you do not wish to read again, consider donating the books to your local library system. While you may no longer want the books, someone else may benefit from reading them. 

Toss: Medical Supplies

The last item that you should consider tossing is medical supplies. If you have old crutches or an old wheelchair, you may want to donate it to someone else in need. Unfortunately, old medical equipment can be a liability, so many places will not accept any type of pre-purchased equipment.

When you are preparing to clean your home, consider working with a waste removal company. A waste removal company can drop off a dumpster at your home, so you can dispose of the trash you no longer want at your own pace, or they can send a truck out to your home to pick up the extra items that you need disposed of. This means that you do not have to make multiple trips to the dump to get rid of items you no longer need. Contact a waste removal company today to learn more about pricing or the specific services that are offered.