Things to Consider When Cleaning Out an Attic with a Dumpster Rental

Tossing things into the attic becomes an easy way to make a first and second floor livable. After all, what's the purpose of an attic other than the store things? Storing things in the attic is okay, but don't disregard steps for proper organization. One day, you'll want to clean that attic out thoroughly, and you'll regret not previously organizing and de-cluttering it. Consider hiring a dumpster rental service to help this process go smoothly. This way, you can move more swiftly and avoid problems. If disorganization presently exists, some related troubles probably do, too. 

Here are some things to consider if you plan on using a dumpster rental to help you clean out your attic. 

Problems with Clutter and Attic Junk

There are good reasons to get things ready for a dumpster cleanout. For one, clutter can hide problems. A leak coming from the roof might not be immediately visible due to furniture and boxes piled up to the ceiling. The leak could drip down the space between the belongings and the wall. You might then never know about the problem until it turns disastrous.

And this is only one example of what can go wrong. Fire hazards, pest infestations, and other troubles could arise. Tossing unwanted things out into a dumpster might help in this situation.

Working in Increments

The sight of a massive cleanout job can lead to procrastination. Be aware that cleanout work might not have to occur all at one time. Perhaps you can do a little bit of cleanout work if your situation permits. Here are two things to think about:

1. Removing Bulk: Getting rid of a few unwanted bulk furniture items when you have some free time could go along way towards freeing up extra space and adding some long-overdue organization. That old and scratched up dresser probably takes up a lot of space. Maybe right now is the time to get rid of it.

2. Removing Little Things: Unwanted smaller items could go out in trash bags. Then again, bagging the items might not even be necessary with the right plan. You could go through your belongings and clear out a section of the attic to place the things you don't want. When dumpster rental day comes, you know what goes out immediately.

You don't necessarily need to rent a large dumpster, either. Renting a small one to dump one or two bulk items and a bunch of loose things represents progress. That attic gets de-cluttered with every dumpster rental and removal.