Tips For Getting The Junk Out Of Your Spare Room

Whether you are tired of looking at the mess, you have some family coming to stay with you, or you just found that you have will have a new addition to the family in a short nine months, that junky spare room of yours needs to be cleaned out. Being a spare room, you probably didn't think that you would need it, so it just become a catch-all for all of your "junk." Now, just thinking about having to clear it all out is a bit overwhelming. To make the task a bit easier, here are a few tips.

Section Off the Room

When you look at your spare room as a whole, it can be daunting. You probably just want to turn around and say forget it. However, this is a task that must get done, even if you are confused on where you should start. So, to turn this daunting task into one that is a bit less intimidating, divide the room into several sections. Once one section is complete, take a little break. By doing it this way, the task itself will be a lot more manageable and you can actually see progress as you make it.

Begin With the Garbage

More than likely, there is a good chance that there is some garbage that has accumulated in the spare room. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that you just threw straight-up trash in the room, but there are likely items in the room that you hoped you would restore or fix one day. In each section, start by throwing away items that are useless or broken, such as outdated or glitching electronics, old furniture that you hoped you would one day restore, and any other items that are damaged in any way.

Organize Anything That's Left

Once you have eliminated the garbage, you will want to create piles of items that you want to keep and items that you can donate or sell. Make sure to keep your personal belongings that are still usable, such as instruments and exercise equipment, as these can be relocated to another part of the home. For items that you want to keep but are not used, such as family heirlooms or baby keepsakes, these can be stored in a container or box and stored away in the basement, attic, or even a self-storage unit. For items that you do not use and likely will not need, such as old books and clothes, these can be donated to friends or charities or sold in a yard sale.

If your standard trash removal has a set bag limit pickup, you will need to haul the junk that you removed from the spare room to the dump. If you don't have time for this or a truck to get this done, consider hiring a junk removal service from the area.