Does Your Backyard Need A Makeover Now That Your Kids Are Grown? 4 Things To Consider For The Dumpster Rental

Your backyard has worked well over the years, and your kids may have enjoyed things such as having a playhouse or trampoline to keep them busy. Now, however, your kids are all grown up, and you no longer need so many toys taking up space in your backyard. You may also be ready to replace outdated toys with something that lends itself better to your adult lifestyle such as a hot tub or workshop. 

While you are still in the planning stages, you do know that the makeover will generate trash that must be handled properly. As you get ready to call for dumpster rental services, ask yourself these four questions that will help you make your arrangements.

What Types of Trash Do You Expect to Generate?

Dumpsters provide an easy way to get rid of bulk trash. They also come in a range of sizes that you can choose from to keep your rental within your backyard makeover budget. Before you can pick out the right size, you need to know how much trash you will create. Make sure to also account for debris that accumulates from landscaping. Tree limbs and dead bushes can go in the dumpster right along with those outgrown kid's toys.

Where Is the Best Place to Put The Dumpster?

Residential dumpsters usually require a semi-flat space that has enough room for the bin along with clearance space for any doors. For many homeowners, the ideal place is the driveway. However, you may find it easier to access the dumpster if it is located near the side of your house where you plan to use the back gate.

How Long Do You Expect to Take to Tear Down the Backyard?

You will also need to know how long you will need the dumpster rental to stay at your house. Ask yourself if you can realistically complete the project in a weekend or if you may need an extra few days during the week. This helps you to set the right schedule for the dumpster drop off and pick up.

Will You Generate More Trash During the Final Makeover?

Once you complete the initial tear out, you may decide to finish up your backyard makeover a week or two later. During this time, you may generate more trash. For instance, you might have lumber debris that needs to be removed if you build a workshop. Putting in a new patio or backyard kitchen could also cause you to have some trash build up. If you anticipate creating a second round of trash, then arrange for either an extended rental period or to have a second dumpster drop off date that helps you stay on schedule with your backyard renovations.

Contact local dumpster rental services to discuss your needs.