Dumpster Hygiene Tips For Your Restaurant

Every restaurant needs at least one dumpster. Your goal is to make sure this necessary device doesn't detract from your restaurant appearance or lead to any health or safety hazards.

Choose a Paved Site

There are several reasons why you want to place the dumpster on concrete or asphalt, as opposed to dirt. First and foremost is ease of accessibility so that your collection service can easily collect the garbage even when the ground is wet. Further, your staff won't have to deal with mud when taking out the trash. Finally, a dumpster on pavement will stay level, which ensures that lids close properly and the dumpster doesn't suffer damage.

Bag Everything

Never put unbagged garbage in the dumpster, especially when the garbage contains food items. Wet garbage should be double-bagged to further prevent leaking. The goal is to keep the actual dumpster as clean as possible. Food residue that leaks into the dumpster can cause foul odors, attract pests, or even cause the dumpster to corrode. The dumpster company may also charge clients a cleaning fee if the unit is allowed to get too dirty.

Secure the Lid

Make sure the dumpster you rent has a lid that closes. A locking lid is the best option, or at least one with a latch, so animals like raccoons can't easily pry it open. The purpose of the lid is mainly to keep pests out, but a lid will also discourage illegal dumping as well as the collection of rainwater inside the dumpster. Further, restaurant garbage can smell badly as the organic matter rots, so a lid helps contain the odor. Just remember that a lid only works if it is actually used, so enforce a policy of keeping the lid closed at all times.

Enclose the Dumpster

Don't just sit the dumpster in the parking lot by the kitchen entrance of your restaurant. Not only is this unattractive, but it also can lead to other problems. A secure enclosure with a gate allows you to lock up the dumpster when it isn't in use, which can prevent illegal dumping. It also makes the dumpster safer, since no one will be able to access it and hurt themselves.Many municipalities have laws or regulations about dumpster enclosures, so verify the requirements in your area before erecting one.

Keep the Area Clear

It can be easy to get messy, especially when it's the dinner rush at your restaurant. No matter how busy you are, enforce a strict policy of keeping the dumpster environs clean. You don't want broken bags and rotting food to collect around your dumpster. Not only is this ugly and smelly, but the spills can also attract insects and unwanted animals. 

Contact a dumpster rental service for more help.