Dump Trailer Axles And Size: What Capacity Do You Need?

When looking for a side dump trailer, two of the most important considerations are the number of axles that the dump trailer has and the size of the trailer. By having the right size, you'll be able to determine if you can efficiently remove the construction waste that you need to dispose of and you'll also be able to determine if it makes sense to rent two dump trailers.

State Axle Regulations

It's difficult to determine how many axles you'll need because the axle requirements can vary from state to state. Therefore, the bare minimum is that the dump trailer is state-legal. Also, the trailer needs to have enough axles so that it can be operated safely. The number of axles your dump trailer has will also affect how efficiently you'll be able to work. If you do not have enough axles for the weight, one of the axles could be easily overloaded. In some cases, a dump trailer might need as many as sixteen axles.

State Weight Regulations

If you already have your own truck, it might make sense to use the truck to remove some of the debris and rent a dump trailer. This can save money and can also help you get around the maximum legal weight for hauling debris.

In some cases, you might need several smaller dump trailers to remain in compliance with local regulations. Some roads may not allow you to transport your trailer over the road without paying a fine if the weight exceeds a particular weight. It may be worthwhile to make more than one trip with several dump trailers.

The Weight of the Debris

Even if you can fit all of the materials into the dump trailer, that doesn't mean that it can be legally transported. Some materials weigh a lot more than others. Talk to the dump trailer representative about the type of debris that you will be hauling away to determine which size dump trailer would make the most sense.

Availability of Dump Trailers

Dump trailer companies can vary in the number of axles they have available and the dump trailer sizes they have available. Make sure to call early so you can increase the odds that they'll have the type of trailer you need. For example, if you wait until the last minute, the sixteen-axle dump trailer might have already been rented. Fortunately, with enough planning, you'll be able to rent the trailer you need.

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