Maintain Sanitary Rental Property: Tips For Renting Dumpsters

Investing in rental property is a good way to bolster your portfolio. It's also a good way to ensure a continual stream of income. But it's not without its headaches. Garbage removal is one of those headaches. This is especially true if the right measures aren't taken. If you haven't rented dumpsters for your rental property, it's time to make some changes. Dumpsters help you avoid the headaches associated with trash removal. Here are four tips to follow when renting dumpsters for your rental property

Ensure Adequate Space

If you're going to provide dumpsters for your rental property, ensure adequate space. If you only have one or two units, you may be able to make do with one commercial-size dumpster. But, if you have more than that, you'll need to rent several more dumpsters. Providing inadequate dumpster space can cause overflows. That's the last thing you want on your rental property. 

Include Recycling Units

If you've decided that your rental property needs a dumpster, don't forget about the recyclables. Many landlords rent trash dumpsters but forget about the recyclables. When tenants toss their recyclables out with the trash household trash, the dumpsters will fill up too quickly. Not only that, but you'll also be contributing to landfill problems. To avoid those issues, rent at least one green waste dumpster. Your tenants can separate their trash. That process reduces the waste that flows into the household waste dumpster. 

Increase Safety Measures

If you need to rent dumpsters for your rental property, you'll want to increase the safety measures. Proper safety measures can reduce the problems often associated with dumpster rentals. 


Your tenants may be taking their trash out after dark. Because of that, it's important that you add extra lighting around the area. That way, your tenants won't risk trip and fall accidents while walking to the dumpster at night. 


Illegal dumping can be a big problem. Illegal dumping occurs when passersby use your dumpsters for their own trash. You can stop the problem by placing your dumpster in a gated enclosure. 

Pest Control

Pests can be another problem for dumpsters. Roaches may be attracted to the scent of garbage. Practice good pest control around your dumpster. That way, the pests stay away from your property. 

Post On-Site Dumpster Rules

If you're going to rent a dumpster for your rental property, be sure that the rules are visible. The rules should include items that are off-limits for dumping include large objects. It's also important that you post rules prohibiting the dumping of hazardous waste.

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