Rent A Dumpster To Help With Preparation For New Landscape Features

Before adding new landscape features, you may need to prepare extensively. For instance, you may need to remove grass, debris, and plant life to make enough room. While you might feel confident about some cleanup and removal, you might not have a place to put everything.

Dumpster rentals can give you the space to clear land in preparation for new landscape features.


A major part of preparing the property is removing all debris. For instance, you will want to remove debris where you plan on adding new features to avoid any complications. Another part is getting rid of the debris to clear pathways for bringing in plant life and building supplies.

For instance, you might want to build a pool, shed, gazebo, or deck. A dumpster rental allows you to throw out debris in the way to make room to bring in and store materials and supplies.

Some debris may include branches, leaves, seeds, twigs, and weeds. Renting a sizable dumpster makes it easy to toss full branches inside without cutting them into smaller pieces.


Removing mature trees will likely be the trickiest part of preparation. Along with renting a dumpster, you can hire tree removal professionals to remove these trees safely. Instead of these individuals needing to haul the tree away, you can have them toss it all in a dumpster.

Getting tree removal after the dumpster has arrived is a smart plan because this will help professionals determine how small branches need to be for tossing. Stump removal is also essential for getting your landscape ready for new features. Fortunately, you can choose a large enough dumpster to fit whole trees, including the debris, stump, trunk, and branches.


While you can add some backyard features on top of a lawn, you may find that most of them require you to remove grass and some of the dirt underneath. Let a dumpster rental company know about your intentions to throw away dirt, grass, debris, and trees to get the right one.

Then you can toss out as much dirt and grass as you need to fit in new features. A major project such as adding a backyard pool may require multiple dumpster drop-offs because you will need to remove so much dirt underneath the surface. The main concern is reaching the dumpster's weight capacity because you want to ensure that the dumpster can be towed away safely.

Rent a dumpster to help with preparing your landscape for new features.