Advice For Beginners Using Dump Trailers Around Construction Sites

If you're looking to haul and dump construction materials like sand and gravel, then you'll need a dump trailer. If it's your first time using one of these structures, here are some protocols you'll want to follow as to avoid issues with this equipment.

Test Trailer Without Loads First 

Before you load up construction materials inside a dump trailer and try to navigate it around a construction site, it's best to get used to this structure without loads. Then you'll have an easier time getting familiar with everything because you're not dealing with a lot of weight just yet. 

You can drive the dump trailer around to see how it navigates and perform different actions with the hydraulics to see how this dump trailer is supposed to work. Once you get to a comfortable place, you can use the trailer with actual construction materials and have more success as an operator.

Properly Maintain the Hydraulic Portion

The reason why dump trailers are able to lift up and assist with material dumping is because of their hydraulic mechanisms. Since they are so important to how you're going to use this trailer, it's key to maintain them as best you can from the very beginning.

Some of the easier things you can do is physically inspect the hydraulic components, including the cylinders, hoses, and seals. Also, make sure there isn't any hydraulic fluid leaking out. If there are red flags, have the hydraulic portion professionally inspected. These simple measures will help the hydraulics work like they're supposed to for years.

Examine Your Surroundings Before Lifting

Before you ultimately use the lifting mechanism of a dump trailer that's powered by hydraulics, you want to examine your surroundings. You need to make sure there aren't any structures above that you would bump into or people around that you would collide with.

You need to do this each time you use a dump trailer around a construction site, especially one that's busy with a lot of contractors and heavy-duty machines. Then you can significantly reduce your risk of hazards when using this dump trailer for material hauling/dumping. 

If you need to use a dump trailer for construction materials and have no prior experience working with this system, that's okay as long as you go through training and observe a couple of key protocols each time it's used. Then you'll make the most out of this trailer all while maintaining safety. 

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