Looking To Get Rid Of Office Furniture? Here's How To Ensure A Smooth Office Cleanout

Office furniture is an underrated essential in the office. It plays an important role in the aesthetics of an office and ensures safe, smooth, and efficient office functioning. The four major types of office furniture are tables, chairs, storage units, and desks. Old office furniture offers logistical headaches when you want to relocate your office or get new furniture. You must conduct an office cleanout or be stuck with excess inventory. This article discusses major ways you can sustainably get rid of office furniture.

Make a Complete Office Furniture Inventory

The first step you can take if you plan to relocate or redesign is to make a complete inventory of your furniture and conduct a walkthrough of the new office or design. A proper inventory valuation lets you know each piece of furniture's brand, state, and span. That helps you distinguish between the furniture you need and those that need disposal. Business office furniture removal services can help you conduct asset valuations to determine the worth of pieces of furniture. Your original purchase invoices, the age, and wear and tear levels of each piece of furniture will determine their market value.

Give Them Away For Free

Corporate social responsibility is a way that companies give back to the community. Many places need the furniture that you want to throw away. Your business can help people by donating used furniture to charitable organizations or schools. Charitable organizations can use the furniture for their office needs or auction them to earn money. You can also opt to give them for free to your employees, enhancing employee loyalty to the organization. With work-from-home becoming more popular, employees can use desks and chairs efficiently for their home office needs.

Sell The Furniture

You may need money to buy new furniture or cover office relocating prices. Selling office furniture can help you cover these costs. You can start by offering to sell to your employees at a discount. They may use filing cabinets and desks to study at home or have a liking for office chairs. You can also list the items online or reach out to used furniture shops to help you move your inventory. Your inventory list should match the reseller's, as you don't want to sell at a throw-away price. A lump sum sale is encouraged to give you a better chance of selling all the furniture at once rather than selling per piece.


A proper office furniture removal process may need the disassembling of furniture to ensure that it won't break and that your office walls are not damaged. You should consider the services of a professional removal company to ensure smooth commercial office furniture removal.

Reach out to an office furniture removal company to learn more.