Residential Junk Removal Services

A foreclosure or eviction will result in needing to determine how you will empty the residence that was recently vacated. A residential junk removal team will supply manpower, storage containers, and a haul-off service that will aid you with cleaning up interior spaces. 

No Heavy Lifting

One benefit of hiring a residential junk removal team is the minimal need to perform manual duties yourself. Heavy bed frames, entertainment centers, and exercise equipment could be too bulky for you to move on your own.

A junk removal team will use tools to disassemble oversized household items. They will furnish carts and dollies that will aid with securely moving large items outdoors. Because you won't be responsible for any heavy lifting, you can remain composed as you direct the removal specialists.

The removal team will only move the items that you request of them. If there are any items that are salvageable, you can simply specify that you would like the outlined items to remain in their current location.

No Need For Storage Containers

One of the drawbacks of conducting a junk removal project by yourself is the need to reserve waste receptacles and dumpsters for the project. If you don't have access to enough waste receptacles, you will need to reserve the containers through a third party.

Hiring a junk removal team prevents the need to pay extra costs for trash cans and dumpsters. You will be furnished with a flat rate. This rate will include the manpower that the removal team will provide. It will also include the storage container that will be used to haul off household goods.

A junk removal company may supply specialized vehicles that contain a built-in storage compartment. This compartment may be as large as a dumpster. The junk removal team will be responsible for loading up all of the junk within the storage chamber.

No Need To Find A Dumping Station

A dump station or a landfill is where junk items will be brought to. If you are not familiar with the manner in which some items should be disposed of, leave the disposal requirements up to your junk removal team.

A junk removal team is familiar with the manner in which certain items should be disposed of. They will determine what types of items you are disposing of. Then, they will plan on where they will deposit the junk items when the cleanout project is complete.

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